Garden Gate Rabbit Park Calendar 2014!


This delightful calendar is unlike any other!
A wonderful gift you can send to your home from the only rabbit park in the country.

Our introductory letter gives news of our rabbit park bunnies with "photos"  that make you laugh and also understand the many challenges we face each day! It is important that you know every calendar that you give as a gift is helping our family continue the care of our pedigreed purebred rabbits as well as our rare rabbit breeds.  We only print 500 calendars each year and sell to the first orders we receive. We do not have employees and representatives traveling the country to sell our products. There are no funds for advertising. It would be great if we had thousands of people that knew about our work and could enjoy our calendar pictures along with us! Your friendship and support makes all the difference!
Best Quality!  Our calendars as well as all of our products are printed in the USA. Our calendars and note cards are made in our home state South Carolina! Keeping business thriving in our homeland matters to us!
Best Size.  The hanging calendar opens up to 11 x 17 inches.
Best Price. Our calendar price has not gone up!! The cost of printing has increased though! We are straining to keep up the management of our rabbit park! Your purchase matters.  If you want to support our rabbit park for $1 a month then add a few dollars when you pay for your calendar!! The blessing of our business is that there are no complaints around here!
Best Gift Idea!  The best choice is to shop now and for every gift you want us to ship to a separate address email us the details and we will include a card free! We also gift wrap!  We make it easy for you and extra special for the person receiving the gifts!  (wrapping is free for orders over $25 per address)  Add $2 for wrapping gift orders totalling less than $25 shipping to one address.
Best service! Living outside the states? For those living outside the US you may purchase our calendar too. Email us your address so that we may attach the exact shipping price and we can have Paypal sent you the invoice so we can ship your calendar within the week!

Price: $5.00

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