About Us



Garden Gate Cards are the creative work of Appalachian Artisan, Loretta Hayward. Along with her family, Loretta lives in South Carolina where she breeds prize winning rabbits. Locals know, Garden Gate Rabbit Park is a site to behold for rabbit lovers.

A  school teacher by training, Loretta home schools her children, sews, gardens, cooks, teaches Sunday School, and in her “spare” time, she raises and photographs her prize winning rabbits. Loretta is also an avid writer of letters and notes. Ask any of her friends or relatives – a letter from Loretta is great family entertainment and is treasured for a long, long time. But she became frustrated with the “garden variety” of greeting cards and note cards. Loretta got the idea to take pictures of the delightful fuzzy little critters in 2003. It didn’t take long for the pictures to developed into Garden Gate Cards.

 “I wanted to produce a high quality product, so I carefully chose the paper, the printer, and watched the entire process closely,” says Loretta. She gets very excited when talking about the cards. “You know, you go out to find a card with just the right message, but who can say it better than you? I purposely left the inside blank so folks could write whatever they wanted. It doesn’t matter if you are writing a note to a friend, or relative, sending a birthday greeting – these cards are right for every occasion, even if there is no occasion at all! And our stars – the bunnies – everyone adores the bunnies.”

On the back of each card is a verse of scripture from the Authorized King James scripture, so every time you send a Garden Gate Card  you are spreading the Word!