Sep 082017

Preparing for Pioneer Day is always exciting! Tomorrow  is Saturday Sept 9, 2017 and the cool weather and sunshine will be the perfect time to visit Gray Court, South Carolina and join the many pilgrims and settlers visiting the  settlement  there just off Hwy.14 .   Looks like a great day in store for Pioneer Day and the parade starts at 10:00 a.m. Hope the canons will be fired-I love the sounds of freedom! Meet our heritage rabbits at the Garden Gate Rabbit Park table under the largest oak tree in the middle of the Culbertson Backcountry Settlement in Gray Court! Bar-B-Q is on the menu (finger lickin’ good) with fresh churned ice cream at Verdin’s Front Porch Churn. Enjoy the slow pace touring the cabins, listening to the string instruments, and talking to the craftsmen, re-en actors and local folks about the good ol’ days we still enjoy!! Adults pay a small fee when they enter. (or donate more to support the historical Soc maintaining these buildings etc) Don’t miss this event neighbor!

There are lots of  right friendly folks at the settlement!!
You will see a lot of smiling faces, maybe people you know and neighbors you didn’t know you had!!
Folks ask Glenn,  ” Is that a real raccoon cap-just like Daniel Boone had?”
He’s happy to tell you all about that coon!

Folks travel a long ways to be here!

You never know who you will meet and what you will see!
Is that a wild boar?
That boar’s name is “Christmas Dinner!”
People that lived on settlements prepared all their meals.
Food was raised in gardens and came from livestock they raised.
All their clothing was made by hand. Where did the leather for vests, coats, hats, belts, shoes, boots, moccasins, pouches, saddlebags, saddles and harnesses come from?

There is so much to learn from our history here in South Carolina!

Have you seen a flintlock muzzle loading rifle?

Some of our veterans are experienced swordsmen!