Sep 242012

Meet Miss Poppins!
Posing by our  impatiens blooms is Miss Poppins, our Jersey Wooly.  Of course our rabbits like to look their best for pictures! This is one of over 50 pictures taken during the photo session. It is important to change positions of the rabbit to get pictures with a variety of views. Some views do not have as many blossoms, or the rabbit may start exploring or stop to wash their paws. We never know what to expect!
It is fun to fix a “hare”-do. Thankfully our Jersey Woolies have wonderful fiber fur that is easy to care for and seldom needs brushing. Miss Poppins will not need a hat today. How would you like the polka dot bow? The red one looks great! Can bunnies get any cuter??  I  have an idea. I am going to sketch her picture and maybe make a watercolor illustration!
We enjoy raising many different rabbits here at our rabbit Park. The Jersy Wooly is one of our smaller dwarf rabbits breeds.  This has been a very eventful week with 2 litters born and visitors coming to our park now that the weather is cooler!