New Discoveries


On The Banks of Durbin Creek "New Discoveries!"

This is truly an extraordinary book  with an exciting perspective as you see our wilderness along the banks of Durbin Creek through the eyes of our adventurous rabbits Chip and Sherwood! From sunrise to sunset there is adventure as you meet the wild animals, travel the wooded paths and are thrilled at the close up encounters! The beautiful detailed full page panoramic photos show the "rabbit's eye view" of the forest foliage, the gardens, berry patches, the thickets and follow the rabbit visits to the sandy shoreline along Durbin Creek. What a visual feast for the eyes that every reader enjoys whatever their age.  Loretta Hayward's amazing collection of photographs depict the challenges of capturing pictures of wildlife especially rabbits. Every page is a splendid  teaching tool with helpful footnotes identifying  new animals that are introduced throughout the story. Readers will also enjoy searching some of the special pages for camouflaged creatures! Those activities will heightening their awareness of  life surrounding them and the animals that are watching the  rabbits on the trail.  Our four page illustrated glossary is another valuable asset  for vocabulary development and reinforcing new reading skill development. Adults are enthralled as well as youth!  Elementary as well as high school teachers also use our fascinating books in their classes and instruction.

" Immeasurable benefits result from the reading and handling of excellent bound books whether common or rare!”                                         L. Hayward

Add a valuable first edition signed by the author to your library! This incredible book is the third volume in the "On the Banks of Durbin Creek" series which took over two years to complete. When you order your copy of "New Discoveries" request that the author sign your book or have a special inscription added!
Our books are the finest quality treasured for a lifetime!

Written & illustrated by Loretta  Allen Hayward
Measurement: 10x8 inches
Durable laminated hard cover.
Special introduction and Glossary.
52 glossy color pages.


Price: $16.99

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