Garden Gate Rabbit Park Calendar 2016


GGTEA Calencovestrokr4x3 2016Our Garden Gate Rabbit Park Calendar reminds us every day is a special gift!
Our rabbits start each month off with a new picture to greet you! There are delightful details included to inspire you and some details you may miss if you are in a hurry! Quotes, verses, educational information and reminders add thoughts and ideas for the days ahead. We hope you will tell folks about us and remember to send our calendars to your special friends knowing how many more smiles they will have in the months ahead!

Like a visit to our rabbit park!

Every page of our calendar introduces you to special purebred rabbits and will be like a brief illustrated visit to our rabbit park!

Best Quality!  Our calendars like all of our Garden Gate products are the best quality and printed in Greenville, South Carolina by our national award winning printers at Indexx. We are loyal to USA businesses for your protection and the finest representation of our work!  The hanging calendar opens up to 11 x 17 inches.
Best Price!  The cost of printing has increased and yet our printer has continued to work with us!  Your loyal support & purchase matters to our rabbit park,  economy and continued publishing of our books, cards & calendars!   The blessing of our business is that there are no complaints around here!
Best Gift Ideas and Service! People are talking about our extraordinary rabbit calendars that they hang up at work, at the office and in the classrooms! Garden Gate produces the finest note cards too!  Customers remind us how impressed they are about our beautiful colorful  books, cards and calendars.   The best time is to shop now and we happily wrap and ship to a separate address at your request.  We can sign a card for you too!
Those living outside the US may purchase our calendars and products too. Email us your address so that we may attach the exact shipping price! We use Paypal services for invoicing and payments too!

Price: $11.99

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