Garden Gate Rabbit Park Calendar 2012



Calendar 2012 Cover

 Garden Gate' adorable rabbits will bring you smiles every day of the year!  Every month an extraordinary photograph of our rabbits will be an  inspiration to everyone that sees the calendar on display! The work we do at Garden Gate Rabbit Park requires much more labor than raising rabbits and taking their pictures. Through our calendars we promote several breeds of rabbits as well as support our rabbit park work in raising  rare breeds of rabbits. Every calendar that you use personally, give as a gift, or recommend others to purchase is aiding the preservation of rare heritage breeds at Garden Gate Rabbit Park. All of the years of labor to photograph, print and promote the Garden Gate Rabbit Park calendars annually has only provided a part of the aid neccesary for the care of the rabbits. Hopefully the day will come we can totally support the rabbit park and help the photographer too.
 Start a family tradition to hang up a  Garden Gate  Rabbit Park  calendar on New Year's day every year!

Price: $5.00

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