Four Seasons For Bunnies


Four Seasons For Bunnies!

There are four wonderful seasons here on the banks of Durbin Creek. Here is a marvelous opportunity to meet many of our sweet rabbits  through our extraordinary books written and illustrated by Loretta Hayward! Spectacular color photographs invite you into the scenes to enjoy close up views of  bunnies in the garden settings.  Learn more about springtime, summer, autumn and wintertime through the informative and amusing poems, stories and verses that the whole family will enjoy. The detailed pictures of the show rabbits born and  raised at Garden Gates Rabbit Park  are wonderful teaching illustrations. The footnotes identify the breed of rabbit pictured and the glossary included has many educational benefits  that make this book a real asset to your home library.

Our beautiful 8x10 glossy hardcover book  has  52 pages. The series of "On the Banks of Durbin Creek"  books  are the finest quality printed in the US.   Every page opens  wide  to exceptional full color close up scenes that make these books appealing to adults as well as children.
"A thoroughly entertaining book that is an educational resource for all ages!"
Librarian in  Easley, SC


                   “Our entire family was enthralled by this new book from our friends at Garden Gate Park!”
M Greene      A friend and published author.

Price: $16.99

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