Bedtime For Bunnies


On the Banks of Durbin Creek~Bedtime For Bunnies!

On the banks of Durbin Creek, it is bedtime for the bunnies at Garden Gate Rabbit Park! Our first in a series of children's books is already an unforgettable favorite!  This unique book of heartwarming stories will spark the imagination and delight the senses. While our real rabbits are telling the stories, real surprises and enjoyment are in store for the whole family! The amazing and amusing color photographs by Loretta Hayward are exceptional illustrations for all of the poems, verses, and stories that will be enjoyed by everyone.  Garden Gate bunnies will also be an educational benefit to younger children as they learn several reading readiness skills throughout this remarkable book!

    This softcover edition has over 39 full color photographs of the endearing bunnies from Garden Gate Rabbit Park!  This book includes "The Cotton Patch Quilt" story where you will meet a litter of the Satin breed of rabbits and see them grow from the day they first open their eyes until they are 2 months old! Every glossy page is full of delightful detail and a learning experience for everyone in the family! The Glossary included will also be a helpful tool for young readers.

Book measures approx.10" x 7.5" and is a wonderful gift! 

Price: $12.00

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