Garden Gate Rabbit Park Calendar 2015



Rabbit Park Calendar 2015

Rabbit Park Calendar 2015

Meet the rabbits of Garden Gate Rabbit Park! Enjoy their sweet faces as they "smell the roses" and pose in our real gardens. Meet "Willow" our baby Holland Lop hugging her first toy bunny and join us at the "Bunny Crossing! Have you ever seen a Thrianta?  Our calendars are informative as well as beautiful as each month greets you with a bunny scene to spark your imagination!  While we share our love of rabbits, you will see even more through the photographs we take of activities we have throughout the year with our rabbits! We hope you will find a lot of pleasure using our calendar and that your smiles will last a lifetime!


Garden Gate Rabbit Park 2015 Calendar Back Cover

Garden Gate Rabbit Park 2015 Calendar Back Cover


Enjoy the year like you never have before with our new Rabbit Park Calendar for 2015!
This delightful calendar is unlike any other! No where in the world will you find such amazing photographs of purebred rabbits! Garden Gate Cards are extraordinary and unmatched distinctive products!

Wonderful gifts  are available to you from the only rabbit park in the country!

Best Quality!  Our calendars as well as all of Garden Gate products are made of the finest quality paper stock and color printed in the USA. Gloss coatings protect the rich four color printing that adds to the appeal of all our photographs. Our calendars and note cards are made in our home state South Carolina! Keeping business thriving in our homeland matters to us!

Best Size.  The hanging calendar opens up to 11 x 17 inches. The layout for the days and weeks provides space for notations and appointments! The photographs are 8.5 x 11 and are useful long after the calendar year is completed!  Whether framed, laminated or matted for use in the home school or workplace the photographs are helpful illustrations as well as inspiring images of our rabbits.

Best Price. Our calendar prices are amazingly low  considering the incredible value and unmatched distinction!!
Our work continues to assist the management of our rabbit park! Your purchases matter. Consider supporting our rabbit park for $1 a month or add a few dollars when you pay for your calendar!! Your recommendations are a help to our business!

Best Gift Idea!   Our rabbits bring people smiles and a lot of pleasure whatever their age or vocation! We are your  best source for beautiful rabbit photographs!  Your best choice is to shop now while our products are available.We also gift wrap!  We make it easy for you and extra special for the person receiving the gifts!    Add $2 for wrapping gift orders totaling less than $25 shipping to one address.

Best service! Living outside the states? Need us to ship to a separate address? Email us the details and we will be happy to make your gift plans an extra special package! We wrap and we will gladly sign a card for you upon request!  For those living outside the US you may purchase our calendar too. Email us your address so that we may calculate your exact shipping price! We also can use PayPal for a special invoice if you prefer. We can ship your calendar within the week!
Guarantee. Our work and our word is our "handshake" guarantee that you will be happy with every new product purchased! We shipped in protective packaging and hand wrap items to eliminate damages. Exchanges can be made  if a book is damaged in shipment  according to your need.

Thank You-for supporting our family business!
It is important that you know every calendar that you give as a gift is helping our family continue the care of our pedigreed purebred rabbits as well as our rare rabbit breeds. Our calendar's introductory letter includes news of our rabbit park bunnies that help you understand the many challenges we face each day! No funds are used for advertising. It would be great if we had thousands of people that knew about our work and could enjoy our calendar along with us! Your friendship and support makes all the difference!

Take a closer look at Garden Gate Rabbit Park through our 2015 Calendar! See Real rabbits! Real flowers! Real gardens! Our adorable rabbits will delight you, your family and friends! What an extraordinary pleasure to give as a gift!

Price: $5.00

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