Oct 152012

I love America and I hope it shows! Our land has a wonderful history, beautiful countryside, and amazing people! The people that love America have never tried to change this country because they labor to strengthen and help it thrive and prosper! Our God’s blessings upon us for over 200 yrs., our liberties & choices, resources and inventiveness have been the envy of the world. Our privilege to clear our land, establish a home and raise our children to love God and our country opens up marvelous opportunites! Our hearts overflow with gratitude and thanksgiving for the multitudes of families that blazed the trails of freedom so that my family could know peace and what “Home Sweet Home” really means!
Our garden work and developing our family business is a constant challenge. We decided long ago that we would work with local families & businesses to maintain and support the finest quality and workmanship that is produced here in our state and country! We have companies in the USA worth our loyalty and support.