Feb 162016

  Our calendar each year is an amazing selection of  pictures Loretta Hayward takes of Garden Gate’s sweet rabbits!
The unique poses of bunnies in the garden, posing at a party, or celebrating the seasons and holidays make this treasured collectible a wonderful gift!

Like a visit to our rabbit park!

In many ways this is a picture portfolio that is a brief glimpse of what a visit to our rabbit park is like!

      Garden Gate’s calendar always has surprises in store! There is much more in the pictures if you are observant. The cute rabbit expressions and various poses let you know how curious the rabbit is, whether he may have been eating a blossom, or is ready to leap into another part of the setting! The various locations of the rabbit park set the stage for a series of events or pictures that may be part of a slide show shared at an event, the next illustrated story shared with visitors to our park or  a rabbit adventure story to be included in the next book of the “On the Banks of Durbin Creek” series!!
Be sure to purchase your own Garden Gate Rabbit Park Calendar to show your love for their work with rabbits and to support the educational rabbit park! All printing is done in the USA with South Carolina printers and makes possible the next calendar to be printed! The best help we get from our family of friends & fans is not only volunteer help but also promoting our books, cards & calendars that we may print more inspiring books each year!

Interview With Joe Gagnon Fox 21

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Jan 152014

          It is amazing how much happens in a year or even a few months! I want to share a few pictures that were taken when Fox 21 reporter Joe Gagnon andSummer  (the camera lady) met  us for  “live”  broadcasting  and  8 interviews!    My son Ronald and I enjoyed meeting with  Joe and his wife Summer and introducing them to some of our rabbits that we raise here at Garden Gate Rabbit Park.            Yes, we were excited!

Set Up Time!

Set Up Time!

         The Fox21 van was parked and the satellite equipment mounted on top was extended during the setup.

A quick picture before we are "on TV"

A quick picture before we are “on TV”

 I set up my camera off to the side on a tripod to get some photos made between each broadcasting. My photos show details not included in the filming made by the TV camera that Summer  was using.  Our rabbits were very entertaining  and  Mindy one of our English Lop rabbits is posing in front of Joe.  He really enjoyed  the rabbits whether we were “on the air” or off!

Summer  and Joe meet Mindy our English Lop.

Summer and Joe meet Mindy our English Lop.

     Summer and Joe liked feeding the rabbits as you can see and met  six of our rabbits that were different breeds.    They saw firsthand how much our bunnies liked all the special attention as well as the fresh violets that the rabbits enjoyed nibbling every opportunity that they could get!

Ronald introduces Spike our Flemish Giant.

Ronald introduces Spike our Flemish Giant.

     Ronald told about our Flemish Giants and Spike is posing in the picture waiting for his turn to talk “on the air”  as Joe holds the mic.  Spike would have been much more interested if the mic was edible!

     We enjoy sharing with people news, various humorous experiences we have had raising rabbits,  our extraordinary work raising different rabbit breeds and dressing the bunnies for picture taking time.  The various events we attend give people time to meet  a lot of rabbits.  A variety of information is shared through our educational programs, various slideshows and presentations!  These unforgettable  experiences  make lifelong impressions!

Jul 092013

Roses in a silver pitcher.
Roses short or with long stem,
Rose teapots or cups and saucers
Blissful treasures where I find them!
Loretta Hayward

There are so many ways we can bring roses into our homes.
Every loving deed and kindness can change a plain room into a sunny garden!

“Some roses are red
white, yellow or pink
Any rose color
Is lovely I think!”

“Bloom where you are planted!
God has plans for you today~
A fragrant blossom along life’s pathway
Cheers and brightens the passageway.”

Have a wonderful Day!

~  Loretta

Oct 312012

Joys of the Shop Hop!
Gloria & I had the rare privilege to take two dear friends ( we hadn’t seen for a year) on their first Shop Hop!
We headed for Heirlooms and Comforts Quilt Shop in Central, SC. The hour traveling was spent sharing family news, current projects and laughing with the girls over their college memories. Inside the shop quilts we enjoyed gazing at the beautiful variety of quilts that were displayed like fine art pieces on the wall for everyone to admire.



 I kept busy with my camera taking pictures and close-up shots of the quilt blocks in batik and stunning embroidery embellishments.

We enjoyed  refreshments, had our passports stamped,
a gift package of needles given to each of us, and made special purchases
of thread and a book of William Morris quilt patterns before leaving.
This autumn quilt hangs in Franklin, NC at Deb’s Cats & Quilts!
When you go to Franklin there are two wonderful quilt shops with totally different fabric lines, themes, kits, and notions!

We are now at the Quilt Cottage in Inman, SC.
The friendly ladies that work there have wonderful samples and quilts to see in several rooms.
I have bought many fabrics here too! Part of the joy of sewing is working with beautiful and quality fabrics!

The Viking Quilt Shop was also a favorite stop. The Shop Hop Quilt was amazing and finding the Morris tapestry fabrics by Moda -a wish come true!! We all were able to choose fat quarters of fabric for our free gifts at the next 3 shops where our eyes feasted on bright fabrics and new craft patterns!! The day was so eventful we plan to shop hop together again!

Oct 172012

Garden Blooms

Whether you visit a garden or create a flower garden spot of your own
the beauty and benefits of your labors will speak to your heart
in ways that words will fail to say! 
Take time to linger among the blossoms.
All the blooms face the sunshine and grow in loveliness wherever they are planted.
Their beauty transforms a common place into a paradise.

In my opinion beauty speaks in a language all its own!

 When you surround yourself with flowers the lovely fragrance
is the scent of beauty.


Enjoy the natural beauty and  pure simple pleasures again.
Life is a gift we unwrap each and every day!



The most beautiful gifts are from God!

Would you call them blessings?

Behold the beauty of a thankful heart! 


Oct 042012

It is amazing where one can find inspiring ideas! Many times I look for small print fabrics to help create miniature bonnets or a cute pinafore for my bunnies to wear. Stopping at a quilt shop is a great source of help! People do not know what they are missing when they pass by a quilt shop! I was especially fascinated by the clever use of a particular sewing basket on display…so I got permission and took this photo! An enchanting miniature sewing room! In my world of rabbits we often work in miniature too! I find unlimited enjoyment working with my rabbits whether trying the new bonnets on them or fitting a custom made dress. Of course that is just the beginning. Preparation are made for taking pictures of them next for those moments that the rabbits very briefly pose! Of course bunnies sniff about and sample the nearby flowers. There are sudden bursts of excitement which result in bunny leaps and flights about the flowers or potted plants! The merriment is meant to be shared! So my new note cards and calendar will bring our smiles to you so that you may share them too!