Jul 132012

Since my husband is the second son of five boys and the only one to move from Michigan to establish his home (after his years as a US Marine and college education) and family in the “South” we have the fine distinction of being known as the Smoky Mountain Haywards. Of course our love for the blue ridges of the Appalachian Mtns. has grown over the many years we have lived here! My kinfolk cleared and settled all over the Carolinas a-buildin’ ther log cabins, a- raisin’ ther barns to dry tobacca in, a-coon huntin’ nites and hitchin’ up the mule team durin’ the day ta-plow ther fields fer maters an taters ta grow! On a hot day ther’s nuthin’ like dippin’ a gourd inta the cold mountain spring for fresh cold water ta quench yer thirst! Yessiree-that’s better than RC cola and a moon pie!